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What’s in Issue 173

Novel Yonatan helps his sister Mikhal fulfill her love for David in marriage. But Mikhal’s dire prophetic visions seem to foretell that her happiness will be very short-lived: Tala Bar, The King’s Daughter chapter 7: Yonatan, part 1; part 2; part 3.
Novella Haunted by nightmares and visions, the remaining members of Dale’s group return to the mysterious island in search of their lost comrade: Jeff Brown, The Diner and That Same Old Feeling Again, part 7; part 8; part 9.
Serial Commander Hawker / two prisoners / a monstrous, warlike race. Using those elements you write the tagline: Thomas R. Willits, No Place for Us, part 3; part 4; conclusion.
New contributor Clyde Andrews has a pretty girl invite a magician to go on a perilous chase. She’s been stuck with the bill on a dinner date... by another magician who is Up to No Good: The Girl in Red, part 1; conclusion.

How do you pay off a wager to a ghost? Darby Mitchell, The Ghost of Mr. Renner.
Would you save a friend from a horrible fate and your name from meaning “traitor” for all time to come? God forbid: Ian Donnell Arbuckle, Fall Silent, part 1; conclusion.
Byron Bailey salutes Thomas L. J. Smith’s “White Kangaroo” in Latex Magic.

Beware of beauties that are beasts: Charles Richard Laing, The Unicorn Sisters.
Poetry ‘Beyond a point is darkness and time; darkness greater than time, Time greater than politics of dark That I espouse in my blood’: Prakash Kona, Metaphysic of Color.
Christine Cartwright, Miss Envyosity
Essay An old school friend brings back memories of a younger, darker age: G David Schwartz, Shawn.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Clyde Andrews.
Challenge Alternatives can tell us what is true: The Primordial Challenge.
The Reading
Danielle L. Parker reviews Anne Bishop, The Invisible Ring.
Editorials Paule Libby, A Clear and Present Danger
Jerry Wright, A Variori

In Times to Come

In issue 174

Novel : Tala Bar, The King’s Daughter chapter 8 “Palti Ben Lyish”
Novella : Jeff Brown, “The Diner and That Old Feeling Again” conclusion
Short Stories
Ian Donnell Arbuckle, “The Boy in the Corner with Chalk in His Eyes”
New contributor Kenneth Eng, “Glasses”
D. A. Madigan, “The Adventures of Supermom”
Roberto Sanhueza, “Sabre Hits and Misses”
Thomas Lee Joseph Smith, “Patent Pending”
Flash Fiction
Byron Bailey, “The Mummy’s Curse”
New contributor Carmen Ruggero, “The Back Window”
Poetry : Prakash Kona, “The Singer and Madness of the Song”
Art Gallery : Christine Cartwright, “The Neighborhood”
Essay : New contributor Seth Mullins,
“The Transformation of the Fantasy Protagonist”

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