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Metaphysic of Color

by Prakash Kona

Nature is pale
under a microscope;
To lean upon silence is
walking on water,
I can’t see letters in dark,
These are humiliating moments
when body
fails before mind;

Color is a thought of the eye,
Ductility being nature of nature.
Frames cannot register
heaviness of light,
The body struggles against
weight of a tear
with ease that
Darkness closes the eye.

Beds are insidious and nature spurious
in its claims to mother man;
It is my hand that is cleverest
in finding a way
through the dark,
I can touch the body of a dream
as if it were my own.

Color is seduction;
the mind wavers for a grip
of shadows on water;
Forgetting is coded in genes
that learn to sleep
as age makes claims
On a body redundant as straw.

I love you but I cannot sing;
I age in a song as all voices
Lost in a tunnel.

Beyond a point is darkness and time;
darkness greater than time,
Time greater than politics of dark
That I espouse in my blood.

Waiting for rain
I left the ground fallow,
My chest bare against
the sword of the sky;
I wish to be spared of reason
not the intelligence
of a born victim
That senses the predator
in the enervating scent
of jasmine at night.

The thing in me that is not woman
Is the inertia of my undoing;
a lump of salt hardened
in the sun
Of despondency,
the queerness
of my character,
I’m prone to withdrawals,
My creativity comes from violence,
That threatens to engulf the sea in flames,
You were not born to obey rules
but fight fate to death;
That which comes from heaven
is not dew,
But the venom of a lethargic god
That semi-consciously stares into the
dark deed
Prowling through cosmos
Like a man-eater on the lose;
The scent of blood thrills the veins
of an insomniac god
That lies but cannot fall asleep.

The moon is my witness,
sun in belly of a snake,
Dark hood of a shadow
sinister and calm,
Birds abandon air
melting into dusk;
Solar terrors are upon me
and my children;
Our fidelity is to islands,
Our breasts stigmatized
with indelible red,
On a brilliant white day
it seems we had drunk
The wine of sacrifice.

Copyright © 2005 by Prakash Kona

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