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Novels Palance has a formidable foe awaiting Andina’s arrival: Alysses “The Falcon” Slighthand, a hired killer. Alysses respects but does not fear werewolves, and he may have unknowingly made them an ally: Julian Lawler, Battle Seer, chapter 12: Hunter of Wolves, part 1; part 2.

‘Toni arrives in Prague, and an Internet Message Board delivers the breakthrough that Quo and Carla have been so patiently awaiting... but with what confusion!!’ Michael E. Lloyd, Observation One: Singing of promises, chapter 15, part 1: Prague, Czech Republic.
Serial New contributor Daniel Green sets his story in a future society where all art is in video and audio and where the Institute for Graphemic Recovery is trying to recover ancient printed texts. Be careful: the title has an ironic double meaning... at least! The Parasite Text, part 1.
Speaking of titles, Deborah Cimo has one that should be taken at face value. But what is “face value”? Conversation at Face Value.

Joel Gn returns with a story of crime and intrigue — with a dark twist: Noir, part 1; conclusion.

R D Larson takes a screenwriter from a professional breakthrough to a personal breakdown: Slam the Door Softly.

New contributor Kenneth Nichols takes the science-fiction premise of personality storage and transfer all the way from implied comedy to... No Tears for Death.
Poetry New contributor Michael Lohr sends a short cycle of poems in verse and prose on Disposable Culture.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Daniel Green, Michael Lohr and Kenneth Nichols.
Challenge Challenge 134 challenges itself: Chair Tears Box and Door.
Letters Ian Donnell Arbuckle has an idea for Publishing “twisted fairy tales.”
The Reading
Danielle L. Parker reviews Gene Wolfe’s The Wizard Knight, book I

In Times to Come

News briefs: Jerry’s Sunday-night review and editorial have to be postponed till next week on account of personal business.
We have a couple of new link exchanges on our Links page.
A reminder about the Story Contest has been sent to contributors for whom I have addresses, but mail to Rick Combs and Michael Hansen has bounced. The Contest is also being advertised on the Net in more than the usual places.

In issue 135: Julian Lawler continues Battle Seer with chapter 13, “A Haunting Realization.” Michael E. Lloyd continues Observation One with the adventures of Toni and Carla in Prague. Daniel Green concludes “The Parasite Text.” New contributor Jeff Brown begins “A Wave from a Chimney.”

In the short stories: Lou Antonelli, “Won’t You Come Home, Bill Buckley”; David H Fears, “Something Woke Me”; Jörn Grote, “Meme Race Unbound.”; and Danielle L. Parker, “Galen the Deathless.”

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