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Sherry Smith Gray

We’ve had belated welcomes before, but as of this issue, Sherry Smith Gray now officially holds the all-time record; she is one of the founding contributors of Bewildering Stories.

Her “Lawn Nazis, Hostages and Dating in the Suburbs” and “Jellorotica” — which were immediately considered classics — appeared in issue 1. Emerging recently from a two-year absence, Sherry kindly sent us “God’s Epiphany,” which appeared in issue 104.

Sherry combines the ambition of a talented writer with friendly optimism and Southern charm. And yet she has a keen eye for realism: not only “Lawn Nazis” but “Satan’s Indentation” (issue 6) as well as “God’s Epiphany,” among other works, look with a certain bemusement at the contradictions in the world around us.

You’ll really enjoy Sherry’s biographical sketch: it’s earnest and playful at the same time. And every parent of teenagers will sympathize with her.

At long last, welcome to Bewildering Stories, Sherry. Both you and we are in good company! We hope to hear from you again soon and often.

Now, readers, please exit through the following link to Sherry’s biographical sketch and her Bewildering Stories bibliography.

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