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Roberto Sanhueza

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Roberto Sanhueza
My full name is Roberto Patricio Sanhueza (pronounced Sanwésa); you can call me Bob.

I’m a dentist, got my DDS in 1977 and I have an specialty in Orthodontics (not related to the Beatles’ Dr Robert). I am at present 51 years old and live in Los Angeles, Chile. (It is a small town nowhere the size of its namesake.) I’ve been married for 20 years and have a boy of 16 and a girl of 14.

My knowledge of English comes from my being an exchange student in Vancouver, Washington for a year in 1969. Although I missed California and the summer of love, at least I made it to the west coast. I speak French as well, and some German.

I started posting in Asimov’s forum just last year although I’ve been a subscriber for many years; and hearing (well, reading) you all there gave me the courage to put some of the ideas I’ve had in mind for a long time in the shape of a story.

This is the first story I’ve sent anywhere and I’m glad you liked it.

P.S. Yes, the drawing is also mine. It was done with a Genius Tablet and Realdraw software.

Copyright © 2003 by Roberto Sanhueza

Bewildering Stories bibliography

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  3. Katts and Dawgs Up the Stairway to Heaven
  4. Katt Cuts It Thin part 1; part 2
  5. Dawg on Trial, part 1; part 2
Katts and Dawgs : Book II
    Kitti’s Tale
  1. Death at Twilight
  2. Old Friends, Old Foes
  3. The True Heir
  4. A Conspiracy and an Invasion
  5. Kannis Under Siege
  6. Rise and Fall
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