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Katts and Dawgs

by Roberto Sanhueza

Table of Contents
Book I, chapter 5,
part 2 appears
in this issue.
Book I: Epilogue

Phydo watches the blue Earth spin below. He has seen this before, but the beauty of the view always brings him close to tears. He is ready to take once more the Stairways to Heaven to get to Earth, and he doesn’t know if he will ever come back to Adam’s home again.

A silent figure comes from behind to join him in his contemplation.

“I hear you, brother Katt.”

“Then I’m not completely healed, it seems. A Dawg is not supposed to overhear a Katt.”

Phydo breaks in merry laughter. “Be a good loser, Thomm. What do you plan to do? Are you coming back to Earth with me?”

“Yes, I will be visiting my old man, and I think I’ll stay there a while; enough adventures for me for the time being. Besides, Kitti says she would like to know the lands of her ancestors, and I’ll be showing her around.”

Phydo hears this with the utmost straight face but is smiling inside. He knows that if Katts blushed, Thomm would be blushing. “Let’s go down, then, brother Katt. I’m going back to Kannis myself to see how professor Rover is doing. But who knows... fate may well bring us another adventure some time.”

“May that come true, Dawggy. Let’s go down!”

Earth continues to spin.

To be continued...

Copyright © 2004 by Roberto Sanhueza

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