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Cry Me Not

by Roberto Sanhueza

Cry me not, I whispered to the night
but of course she did not hear
Fair she stood, as I remembered
ivory skin and auburn hair
under moonlight weeping her despair

Cry me not I meant to shout
but I only hid deeper in the shadows
lest she knew I was about
and to horror turn her tears
should she see the likes of me

Love, I used to love her
as I thought no one would
as I thought no one could
but now love is only a dusty memory
that fades away
that dies away
Still it pained me to see her sorrow
so clearly drawn on her fair face

Cry me not, I sobbed in silence
and I turned away
away from her window
before my bloodlust defeated my will
before the dawn caught me crying
for what is not
for what shall never be

Copyright © 2004 by Roberto Sanhueza

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