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Bertil Falk at 15
Bertil at 15, in 1948
Bertil Falk (born 1933), retired Swedish newspaper and TV journalist. Debut at the age of 12 with the story “Trip In Space,” inspired by reading Edmond Hamilton and Eando (actually Otto) Binder. Their short stories were published in Swedish.

Got his first novel The Masked Gang-Leader published in the pulp magazine Alibi Magasinet at the age of 20.

Bertil's first and last pulp mag
Bertil’s only pulp mag, 1954
After that, Bertil worked as a journalist for newspapers all over Sweden and ending up as scriptwriter in the newsroom of a Scandinavian TV channel in London.

Bertil has spent more than ten years of his life in Britain, India and the United States and has travelled all over the world. He has produced TV documentaries in Kenya and Tanzania about medical doctors working for the Rotary Doctor Bank and the documentary The Woman Jack Didn’t Rip about the third victim of Jack the Ripper. She was Swedish. Some of these documentaries have been shown by QPTV in New York.

Bertil's second mystery
Bertil’s second mystery, 1996
In 1996 Bertil’s second mystery, Murder and Orchids was published. There is a Ginnunga gap of 42 years between the two novels. Since 1996 he has written many mysteries, fantasies and sf-stories, not to mention a bunch of short stories, most of them published in Swedish.

Bertil is now (2006) translating into Swedish the autobiography Flames from the Ashes by the Indian journalist and freedom fighter P. D. Tandon in Allahabad.

Bertil and P.D. Tandon
Bertil and P. D. Tandon,
in Allahabad, ca. 1991

After his retirement Bertil was for a couple of years the editor of DAST Magazine, a Swedish publication dedicated to detective stories, secret agent stories, science fiction, fantasy, and thrillers: in a word, DAST. He is still writing for the magazine.

Bertil has translated a lot of short stories from English to Swedish by Arnold Bennet, John Dickson Carr, Wilkie Collins, F. R. Corson, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jacques Futrelle, Willliam Schwenk Gilbert (of Sullivan fame), Jeremiah Healy, Edward D. Hoch, William Hope Hodgson, Jack London, L. T. Meade, O. Henry, Sue Parman, Anthony Parsons, Melville Davisson Post, Mark Twain, Edgar Wallace, Henry St. Clair Whitehead and Loel Yeo. Just to mention the top of an iceberg.

Bertil is living on his own in a cottage in the small village Västra Alstad in Trelleborg, the southernmost community of Sweden. He has two daughters (both of them translators) and five grandchildren, at this stage (2006) of the Harry Potter-reading age.

I will not burden this bibliography with all my books and stories and articles in Swedish. These are my short stories published in English so far:

Translations into English:

Copyright © 2006, 2010 by Bertil Falk

Bewildering Stories bibliography

Prose Fiction Non-Fiction
Crime Does Pay
Another Way of Doing It
What’s Done Cannot Be Undone
The Hit of a Marksman
The Ball is Dead!
The Portent (drama)
The Deep-Frozen Spark of Life (drama)
The Color of Disappearance
A Dread Hour of the Past
Stork Story
A Case for Billie Occasion
The Space of Eternity
The Apostolic Destruction
The Saga of the Cattle Killer
More Than an Urban Legend
Our Love Will Never Die
A Visit to World’s End
A Temporal Feedback
The Morning Gift
The Loser Is the Winner
Life Sentence
When Memories Dawn
A Touch of Truth
With No Regrets
The All-Time Record
The Mystery of the Universal Trifle
The Cross Murders

The Trepanned Reality

    Requiem for an Android
  1. And Peace on Earth
  2. Being Chased
  3. The Extreme Abyss
  4. The Circle is Closed
  5. All’s Well That Ends Well?
    Eucharist for a Sinless Mankind
  1. The Bureau of Salvation, part 1, section 1;
    section 2; section 3; part 2; part 3
  2. The Not-Sinning Ones, part 1; part 2;
    parts 3-4; parts 5-6; part 7
  3. The Building Stones of Sinlessness, part 1; parts 2-3
  4. Celebration of the Eucharist, parts 1-2
    Apocalypse for a Dissociated Creator
  1. The First Latch
  2. The Second Seal
  3. The Third Lock
  4. The Fourth Seal
  5. The Fifth Bolt
  6. The Sixth Catch
  7. The Seventh Seal
    Under the Green Sun of Slormor
  1. The Heavy City
  2. The Dead Spot of Slormor
  3. The City of the Water Lily Pond
  4. The Moons’ Play of Colors on the Opal Lake
  5. The Klörtser Ride
  6. In the World of the Hoverers
  7. A Forest of Memories
  8. Consolation Island in the Lake of Blood
  9. At Home
Bias and Vanity

When Literature Travels Well
On Ingmar Bergman

Leigh Brackett:
More Than a Queen of Space Opera!

An Ongoing Modern Miracle
History of a Déjà Vu
In the Rear View Mirror
A Miracle Called Emma
A Criticism of Critics
Pragmatism with a Human Face
Alfred Bester: a Science Fiction Pioneer
John Bampfylde, the Archetypal Mad Poet
“In the Midst of Hell”


Claës Lundin, Oxygen and Aromasia
Det regnar


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John Lennon, in memoriam
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