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Antonio Bellomi
I was born in 1945 in Milan, Italy. Interested in science fiction from an early age, I have operated in almost all sectors of the field-as a writer, agent, translator and editor of magazines.

My first story was published in 1962: “Un Piano Perfetto” (A Perfect Plot), which appeared in the noted magazine Oltre il Cielo. As an editor, I also created several pulp-style magazines: Spazio 2.000, Il meglio della fantascienza, Galaxis, Solaris, Star Trek, Altair, I libri di Solaris, Gemini, and most successfully the Italian edition of Perry Rhodan, which ran for 66 issues. I also created a number of detective magazines and anthologies.

I have written stories across five decades, not only in all the most important Italian sf magazines: Urania, Nova Sf, Futuro, Mystero, but also in many magazines outside the sf field, including the Italian edition of Playboy. Many of my stories have been translated in Argentina, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, China, and the USA. My space opera novel “L’impero dei Mizar” (The Empire of the Mizars, 1991) was widely acclaimed.

More recently, my series of short stories with the central character “Martin Mystère” (from a character created by Alfredo Castelli, a noted writer of comics stories), was particularly successful. These were a kind of mystery story, in the vein of the classical club mystery stories (mostly with a scientific twist). They featured an sf character among the members of the club — Jack Azimov — who is a satirical portrait of myself). They were published in volume form as Gli enigmi del club Pigreco (The Enigmas of the PI Club, 2005). Since then I have created my own sf series character, the planetologist Uriel Qeta, a sort of crime investigator based on Luna but operating throughout the solar system.

A good deal of other fiction has been written for such diverse fields as crime, humor, juvenile, and scripts for Mickey Mouse comics. Overall, more than 300 stories.

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