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Euhal doesn’t recall being born but since a birth certificate seems to have been written up by someone official, he doesn’t argue about the matter. (Although euhal seems to have misplaced his birth certificate, he feels the event, though now un-provable, probably still happened.)The recorded deed happened in Palmdale, California, but he managed to make it back to earth in time to grow up, to some extent anyway, in Oregon.

One of the greatest things to have happened to our erstwhile teller of tales was to have been blessed with a father who made his children his most important product, and a mother was artsy, crazy and cared. They also supplied him liberally with blue jeans, although not the aesthetic kind.

Euhal holds a B.A. in History and an M.A. in Social Science. He has worked on farms, in mills, cooked his way through Southern Oregon College; worked in a cabinet shop, (he spray painted cabinets), was a janitor, and even spent several years managing the Lake County Fairgrounds. He then was vocational counselor for Sunrise Enterprises, a rehabilitation company for handicapped folks. He also taught various classes at Umpqua Community College for a while and is now retired on disability (that disability not classified as mental as his children insist).

Euhal has written a number of things over the years, most of which will remain gracefully hidden, but he is jubilantly happy with his part, under the pen-name of Sean Riley O’Halihan, in the finding of the Lake County Blarney Stone. It now rests on the Lake County Fairgrounds where it draws kisses from all sorts of folks. Euhal himself has not kissed the stone since his wife, Marcia, feels that an added measure of blarney would be redundant. His kids are Karl, Joel, and Daniel and Kate.

Euhal suffers from APS (Advanced Premature Senility). His kids, Karl, Joel, Daniel and Kate, all concur that the senility is, indeed, advanced but is definitely not premature. Euhal, having made his appearance on the planet before the official advent of the atomic bomb, is ancient enough to be classified by them as “pre-atomic.” That, of course, means, at least to them, that senility is setting in on schedule. Thus, with clear signs of the advent of his second childhood (third childhood, insist the said pre-mentioned offspring) he has taken to writing all sorts of things.

His wife, Marcia, is the Science Lab Specialist at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. She, being younger (being born before the Lunar landings) is only suffering with the disability of being pre-Lunar in her span of existence. As such, she is better accepted as semi-equal as company by those she has whelped.


Just noticed that in my Biographical sketch I left out the two children’s books that I wrote (both out of print now) and probably should have mentioned.

The first one was The Lion Who Liked Ketchup, and sold well. It is now available on the web.

The second one, There’s a Big Orange Rat on Apple Mountain, is not yet on the net, but if I ever get my act together it may be.

I also wrote some articles for The American Painting Contractor, in the early 70’s, on efficient use of spray booths in finishing cabinets and doors.

Then there is my Master's thesis, (I guess I have to confess everything, don't I?) that was titled “Thailand, Center of a Triangle” and dealt with the Sino-Soviet-American foreign policy triangle and its affect on the Communist insurgency in the late 60’s.

Copyright © 2004 by euhal allen

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