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If Ants Were Blue

by euhal allen

If ants were blue
And Oranges were yellow
Then ’twould be seen,
Ants on Oranges, fellow
Would have to be green.

And green ants
Marching in grass
Trouble they’d be
As ants invisibly pass
That one cannot see

And ants invisible
Gain benefits wrought
By stealing quite quick
Chocolate cake brought
To a summer picnic

And eating that cake
As they really would do
Would bring revenge galore
For we’d sell them all, too
In a chocolate-ant-store

What a rare treat they’d be
These cake-eating beasts
Ah, a dainty treat, too
For those who would feast
On chocolate that’s blue

And eating blue chocolate
That tasty, sweet treat
An experience sublime
One impossible to beat
Is all for one dime.

That dime is well spent
You know it is true
You really should share
Chocolate ants blue
And so awfully rare

Rarer than blue ants
Facts hard to grapple
Yet facts quite sound
Blue ants on a red apple
Ought be browned.

And browning ants
A mess of renown
For a chef with a pan
Of sugar-cooked down
And a quick-cooling fan

This whirling swift fan
Producing air flow
Making ants frost
Freezing them white, so
Our browned ants are lost

Lost white frozen ants
Blown up and about
Would, I really confess
Be a horrible rout
A most terrible mess

And terrible messes
Are things we recant
So do be on guard
To shoo any blue ant
Right out of your yard.

Ant eats

Copyright © 2004 by euhal allen

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