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Bewildering Stories

Bewildering Stories’
Annual Review, 2008

Editors’ Choices: issues 273-318

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Part I Serialized Works, Essays, Memoirs, Editorials
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Part II Poetry and Short Poetry
Part III Flash Fiction
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Part IV Short Stories

Selections are listed in alphabetical order by author
and in chronological order by title.
All titles are links.

Part IV : Short Stories

Dean Francis Alfar, The Maiden and the Crocodile
euhal allen, The Lake County Blarney Stone
Zachary Ash, Other Echoes
Kate Aton-Osias, Ghost Between Moments
Mark Bastable, Just Like the Singing Cod
Gary Beck, The Last Glance
John Birge Catherine Borden, Garden Hostilities
Bill Bowler, The Wall
Kaalii Cargill, Behold the Garrohoth
Bertrand Cayzac Chris Chapman, How Papa Gheddy Saved the Village
Daniel S. Connolly, The Luck of the Beekeeper
Rob Crandall, Never Alone
Fiona Davis, The Dream Machine
J. E. Deegan, The Last Page
Patrick Downing, Unit Lost
David Dunwoody, Ministry
Jason Earls, Mersenne’s Mistake
Gregory W. Ellis, Knock on Wood
Bertil Falk Clark Gilbert, The Day of Concern
Bosley Gravel, Jocko Homo
Jacqueline Gum, Night Traveler
Sherri H. Hoffman, Thicker Than Water
J. R. Hume, I, Romeo
Gary Inbinder Dwight Krauss Terence Kuch, The Dragon’s Will
John Kuhn, All-White Jury
RD Larson, Wind From the Edge of the Cloud
John P. Lowe, Endless Blue Horizons
Richard K. Lyon, Strangers on the Night Train
Andrew Males, Knifepoint
Lynn Mann, Water Rights
R. Scott McCoy, Day Twenty
Rebecca McNulty, Fireside
Corey Mesler, From the Desk of Jojo Self
Frank Minogue, Sonny Boy
Alex Moisi, From Point A to Point B
Brandon Myers, Ex Libris Pavonis
Sue Parman, Tom Cat and the Bone Lady
William J. Piovano, Escapism
Robert H. Prestridge, Cycle
Shannon J. Prince, Amorphous Day
Carol Reid, Wondergirls
Frank Roger, Space Beach
Carmen Ruggero, Eighty-Six Eggs
Catfish Russ Pete Sierra, Letter to a Future Self
Josh Skinner, PAL
Thomas L. J. Smith, Sit-Ups of the Space Marines
E. S. Strout, Last Chance
Arthur Vibert, The River
John Vieczorek Chris Ward, A Thousand Lives of Flies
Eric Watts, Friendly Fire
Lewayne L. White, Worlds Apart
Julian Worker, The Rhetorical Musketeers
Sonya Zalubowski, Sleep in the Bed You Make

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