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by Bertrand Cayzac

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Chapter 1 : Like All Super-Heroes, Floozman Was Born

Fred Looseman used to be the head risk assessor at World Wide Credit Corporation and the chairman of the Anti-Money Laundering Commission. Now he works as an automated teller machine repairman.

Sometimes he hears voices, and sometimes what he hears moves him to tears. His bank account overflows with the money of deliverance, and he becomes a financial super-hero: Floozman.

By a scandalous abundance, he brings deliverance.

Somewhere at the heart of the financial system flows a source of money that is mysterious and inexhaustible.

Fred Looseman is among the very few who have found it. Like them, he has carried out a long investigation; like them, he has caught a glimpse of the truth; and like them, as he approached the origin of the emanation, he lost his memory...

Only yesterday, he was still the smart Worldwide Credit Corporation Chief Risk Officer and the president of the anti-money laundering commission. Since his fall, he has survived on the job the bank found for him on a computer maintenance team.

His family and friends have become estranged. Isolated, his faculties weakened, he lives only to mend the cash dispensers and the network that connects them to the central computers.

Sometimes, after long work hours, he happens to hear voices. Closing his eyes, he can make out prayers. Some are so clear and sincere that he drops his tools and starts to cry.

This is how he becomes Floozman. He regains consciousness and sees the light. His banker calls him on the phone and it is not about his overdraft because she remembers as well.

They both know what Floozman has to do. He has the required resources and more. But this wealth is not his: it is the magical money of deliverance.

“Floozman, I have been trying to call you for hours! Your account is overflowing!”


“Where are you? I am sending the Floozboys with the suit and the mask... the mask of Floozman,” she adds with a dreamy tone.

“ATM D201, Paris North.”




“I’ll call you back and let you know.”


“I’m on my way.”

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Copyright © 2008 by Bertrand Cayzac

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