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Bewildering Stories’
Third Quarterly Review, 2011

Editors’ Choices: issues 436-447

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Short Poetry
Flash Fiction
The Quarter’s Best Issues
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Selections are listed in alphabetical order by author.
Multiple titles are in chronological order.

Short Stories

Edward Ahern, A Laughing Matter
Madeline Bridgen, Strange Genesis
James Bright, Building the Bronze Wall
Garrett Calcaterra, Take It Easy
Bertil Falk
Gary Inbinder, Endymion
S. J. McKenzie, The Blue Men of the Minch
Marina J. Neary, Castration Doesn’t Hurt
Richard Ong, Found in Action
Diana Pollin, The Condor and the Lizard
Christopher C. Smith, Icarus
Thomas L. J. Smith, The Ballad of Josh Henry

The Order of the Hot Potato

And now, since “Bewildering” Stories is a friend of the unconventional, here are the 18 most controversial works of the quarter, the ones on which the Review Editors’ opinions diverged for one reason or another.

The titles are listed in descending order with the most controversial first. Four of the titles appear among the Editors’ Choices.
  1. Ché Frances Monro, Wild Type
  2. Channie Greenberg, Mama’s Mundane Witnessing
  3. Ásgrímur Hartmannsson, Error
  4. Joanna M. Weston, Beth’s Garden
  5. Ron Van Sweringen, Aratreea
  6. Ron Van Sweringen, An Original Thought
  7. Julie E. Painter, Open Containers
  8. Christopher C. Smith, Icarus
  9. Thomas Willits, Heart of Truth
  1. Alexander G. Tozzi, Meal for a Monster
  2. Allison Grayhurst, Seeing Under, Seeing Over
  3. Graham Debenham, A Matter of Time
  4. Mike McGonegal, Fried Bacon
  5. Oonah V. Joslin, Stunning
  6. Brian Biswas, Julie’s Murderer
  7. Tom Underhill, Splintered
  8. Rachel V. Olivier, Family Coat
  9. Thomas L. J. Smith, The Ballad of Josh Henry

The Hottest-Potato Issues of the Quarter

As a special treat, Bewildering Stories links to
the three most controversial issues of the quarter:

  1. The Öort Cloud
  2. The Kuiper Belt
  3. The Asteroid Belt

The Order of Merit

Here are links to the top winners, the most highly rated works in each genre represented by more than one title in this Quarterly Review. The categories are listed in the order in which they normally appear in a regular issue Index or Readers’ Guide. Place your bets — figuratively, of course — and then click on the category links.

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