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Second Quarterly Review, 2010

Editors’ Choices: issues 377-388

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Short Stories
The Order of the Hot Potato
The Quarter’s Most Bewildering Issues

Selections are listed in alphabetical order by author.
Multiple titles are in chronological order.
Poetry may include prose poetry.


Liana Alaverdova, St. Patrick's Day Parade
Kenneth Barclay, Ronsard’s Sonnet for Helen, in Scots
Udo Hintze, Ode to Pennies
Michael Lee Johnson Prakash Kona, Love’s Nest
Darby Mitchell, Love is a Harpy
John Stocks

Short Poetry

Oonah V. Joslin Rebecca Lu Kiernan, How to Love Her
Harry Lang, Walking Wounded
Marina J. Neary Bryce R. Piper John Stocks

Flash Fiction

Salvatore Buttaci, Behold, a Pale Horse
S. R. Panda, Exercise in Humility
Thomas R. Triumphant Futures
Farida Samerkhanova, My Second Death
Daniel VanTassel, Walking Papers

The Quarter’s Best Issues

As a special treat, we link to the four most highly rated issues in the second quarter of 2010. The first and second places were runaways, but two issues tied for third in a photo finish.

  1. Jupiter
  2. Saturn
  3. Uranus
  4. Neptune

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