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My Rightful Place

by Bryce R. Piper

A dot
So tiny
A microspot
In a multiverse
But with a human soul
Given the power to choose
Decisions affecting the lives
Of friends, children, lovers and others
I have the potential to rise, grow, climb
To pull myself up from the mire, cast off shame
And seize my rightful place, mount a platinum throne
Watch as the throngs of nations kneel before my splendor!
I rule with firm kindness, I’m the people’s great emperor!
Second only to God, and with both eyes on His throne!
Still human, perhaps, but with the power of kings
Yet I breathe the same air and eat the same food
Not better nor worse than average men
And men, after all, are so human
Just players in the game of life
Fine dust on the face of Earth
Here today and then gone
The blink of an eye
Is all I am

Copyright © 2010 by Bryce R. Piper

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