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The Oyster’s Pearl

by Douglas Young

You grace a room, and it’s so much brighter;
All eyes turn to you, and our hearts feel lighter;
A beauty for which there’s no reference
Makes one stare out of due deference.

Your mighty mane flows like a gentle waterfall
Framing a fabulous face that holds me enthralled;
Your fantastic physique is without peer,
A bodacious body I want right here.

Your sublime smile is without guile,
Ever so cheerful all the while;
You’re the ice cream flavor I cannot forget,
Savoring you always and without regret.

How you carry yourself with so much class:
So graceful, strong, and the loveliest lass;
You’re the elusive gal across the rainbow,
Inspiring fervent dreams I never let go.

Your voice is like the sound of a seashell:
Ethereal, enchanting, always swell.
Your vibrant laugh sounds like a mockingbird,
Melodious and eager to be heard.

Sweet as a blackberry without any sour,
You’re as gentle as a blooming, fragrant flower,
Slowly bending with the wind but never breaking,
Like the highest-flying kite, smooth and breathtaking.

When you look my way and flash your grin,
I long to hold and love you without end.
Like an oyster-cradled pearl,
You’re the glowing gem of my world.

To embrace you, feeling your skin against mine
Is to feel lightheaded, as if drunk on wine,
Reaching a realm of well-being all our own,
So woozy, care-free, where we just want to moan.

But when we kiss, we have found our bliss;
All is well and nothing is amiss,
As if at last we’ve crossed the Finish Line,
And to the rest of the world we are blind.

With each lovely note
You massage my heart;
How I ache to leap across this moat
So we would never be apart.

You compose the melody that warms my soul,
Whose essence inspires me to want to live bold,
Making me feel fresh as the new dawn’s dew,
Yearning to caress you, for I love you.

Copyright © 2020 by Douglas Young

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