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Challenge 804

Passing Tests

  1. In Marshall Moore’s The Periodic Table of the Angels, what is the implied moral? What does Silicon do wrong, and who — or what — is the judge?

  2. In Donna Dallas’s Portrait of a Woman, why does the narrator expect to “come undone again”? What faculty does the narrator have that the Mona Lisa does not?

  3. In Charles C. Cole’s Royal Out of Season, does Royal literally hibernate? Can he?

  4. In L. S. Popovich, Echoes From Dust, chapters 7-9:

    1. What do the trials reveal about Riku’s character?
    2. What might Riku think Telos is signaling to her in chapter 8?
    3. Is Izzie’s appearance in chapter 9 warranted? What does it imply about Riku’s trials so far?
  5. In Michael J. Albers’ Last Shuttle Down:

    1. If TeeLynn’s expected life span of about 115 years is average, how many generations have come and gone aboard the interstellar ship?
    2. What might account for the passengers’ longevity? Is overpopulation a danger?
    3. What might be the motivation for the Dalgren Star’s revolt, aside from their leader’s charismatic personality?
    4. Another revolt has apparently taken place on the new planet. Is its motivation accounted for?
    5. Does TeeLynn know that agoraphobia can be treated? Does she feel any attraction to the Dalgren’s Star group? Why can’t the spaceship continue to its original destination? Does TeeLynn have any real conflict?

  6. Responses welcome!

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