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Challenge 786

Keep Your Screws Tight

  1. In Roy Dorman’s The Changeling’s Revenge: Even if Donaldson returns with “cold iron” from the hardware store, what further precautions must he take when using it?

  2. In Denise O’Hagan’s The Reproach, has the old woman changed very much since the day at the beach, when she left her brother to drown?

  3. In Steve Carr’s Everything Falls Apart:

    1. Why might the railroad train wear the logo of a phoenix? What does the train carry?
    2. Patt assumes that Drew is an “artificant,” like herself. Does Drew deny that he is one? In breaking off with Patt, does Drew reason like an android or a human being?
  4. In Sacha Moore’s That Thing With Feathers:

    1. How old are Tabitha and Serena? Does Doug do anything illegal?
    2. Is Gloria aware of Doug’s interest in Tabitha?
    3. Why might none of the characters seem either ready or able to form a lasting relationship with someone of the opposite sex?
    4. How might the story be interpreted as a study in addiction?

Responses welcome!

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