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Challenge 782

Spell That Name

  1. In Oonah V. Joslin’s God Is Not “God”:

    1. Why could the poem not be titled “God’s Name Is Not ‘God’”?
    2. What are the practical effects of assigning a name to any deity?
  2. In Charles C. Cole’s Superintendent Dominic Delumbria, what is the function of self-referential irony in the dialogue? Who uses it, and for what purpose?

  3. In Meg Smith’s The Worldly, who might “you” be? Is the pronoun personal or indefinite?

  4. In David Castlewitz’ The Bad News Worm Hunt, does the story conclude or does it lead directly to a new chapter in a larger story?

  5. In Denise O’Hagan’s The Hanging:

    1. Is the main character’s name really “George”? Considering where his home is located, what is his name more likely to be?
    2. Is Elsa’s ethnicity essential to the outcome of the story?
    3. Does George witness a literal hanging at any point in the story?
    4. When does George experience a change of heart? Is there a proximate cause? Is Elsa’s hanging a cause or a coincidence?

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