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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 767

What Done It?

  1. In Donald Zagardo’s Ramona X:

    1. Is the narrator, Dr. Arthur Jones, truthful, mendacious or delusional? What information does he withhold concerning the contents of the old desk?
    2. What is Dr. Jones guilty of: murdering Ramona Hancock or destroying the android Ramona X?
  2. In John Van Allen’s In the Unlikely Event of My Death:

    1. What is the origin of Vincent’s magical coffin-like box?
    2. How do Vincent, Quinn and Cat feel, respectively, about death and immortality?
    3. How does Cat adapt to immortality on earth before science achieves ultimate longevity? How does it differ from reincarnation with memories of one’s prior existence? After Cat becomes immortal, why does she keep Vincent’s magical box?
  3. In Dan Rice’s War Machine:

    1. The Goliath is robotic infantry. Would it be cost-effective? To what might it be vulnerable besides electronic “hacking”?
    2. “Go to school, get shot.” — An American student in 2018. Is Defender a logical solution to the problem or a parody of an actual proposal?
    3. Gavin relies extensively on the Obedience program. Is he wise to trust it as much as he does?
    4. Who else besides the Russians might have the interest and capacity to tamper with U.S. elections?
    5. What happened at the siege of the school in Beslan? Objectives aside, in what way are Natasha and Gavin alike?
  4. In Gary Clifton’s Freedom at Last:

    1. What emotion might cause the foreperson’s voice to quiver in reading Clarence’s sentence?
    2. Since Clarence has already confessed and, presumably, pled guilty, why is a trial held at all?
    3. In other jurisdictions, Clarence might be found guilty of murder in the 2nd degree. Why?
    4. What change in Clarence’s routine makes him fail to realize that Mrs. Buchanan is at home when he goes to burglarize her house?
    5. What might be the symbolic meaning of breaking the pickle jar?
    6. Why does the policeman threaten Clarence rather than handcuff and arrest him?
    7. Is the title of the story ironic, sarcastic or satirical?

Responses welcome!

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