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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 706

The Morning After After

  1. In Bryon Havranek’s “A Mad Dash for Home”:

    1. What has happened to Doc Matheson? Where is she?
    2. How might the sequels play out if the story were expanded to the length of a novella or novel?
  2. In J. Daniel Batt’s “Necronaut”:

    1. Why are signs posted in Old Norse, of all languages? What does their function seem to be, if nobody can read them? Are they an oblique allusion to Valhalla?
    2. What is the link’s name? Who is Kate? Does the narrator have a name?
    3. What might explain the discrepancy in time as experienced by the narrator and observed by the controllers? Does it seem to have a function in the story?
    4. What does the narrator see in the afterlife? What conclusion does she appear to draw from it?
  3. In Bill Kowaleski’s “Discovered!”:

    1. How might the revolutionaries have avoided suspicion, especially with such a large boat?
    2. Do they plan to capture or murder Imelda Gates? If they plan to kill her, couldn’t they have already done it, and more easily than by staging a military operation?
    3. Where is Jackson Bain?
    4. How does the raid fit into Mira’s long-range plans?

Responses welcome!

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