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Spectacular Stephany

by Douglas Young

Ensconced in the office with yet another chore,
I’m charmed when a melodic voice rings at my door;
Like a choir of sweet songbirds in heavenly harmony
It’s the soft, soulful tune of spectacular Stephany!

Beaming a great grin
And tantastic skin,
She gracefully enters the room,
A bodacious bouquet in full bloom.

Suddenly the cool office is radiant and warm,
As if rays of sunshine have pierced a storm;
Her magnificent face glows like a full moon at night,
A shiny, sparkling jewel in any light.

She’s crowned by a lion’s mane of heavenly hair,
Vibrant, rich, and fabulously fair,
Comely, curvy, cascading down,
Long, beautiful, and golden brown.

With ebullient eyes and an enduring smile,
She exudes enthusiasm all the while;
Yet she’s always poised and very stylish,
Ever upbeat but never childish.

Though her image should adorn fashion magazines,
She values more what a good education means,
For she’s even wiser than she is pretty,
Knowing life with no degree would be a pity.

So studious Stephany does her best,
Yet she worries too much and gets so stressed;
But grades should never morph into fears
Since she won’t recall them in future years.

Presenting joy when feeling tense
Shows self-discipline and smart sense
And, when Stephany is drenched in a downpour of rain,
She opens a bright umbrella to head out again.

She’s a brilliant rainbow rising above the storm
Who won’t let disappointments define her norm
Since she’s a kind, colorful, kaleidoscopic girl
Brightening an all-too-often black and white world.

Copyright © 2016 by Douglas Young

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