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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 665

Locked and Loaded

  1. In Prospero Pulma, Jr.’s “The Battlefield,” does the poem say who the soldiers are or where the battlefield is?

  2. In Alison McBain’s “Supply and Demand,” on what charges might the Tooth Fairy and the Sandman be arrested?

  3. In Charles C. Cole’s “A Way to Win,” assuming that the scenario is an “experiment” conducted by parties unknown, who is the subject of the experiment: the Old-Timer or the Newcomer?

  4. In M. L. McIntosh’s “Caller Unknown”:

    1. How do Kelly and Ramona differ in personality?
    2. What does the haunt in the hotel room have to do with Kelly’s mother?
  5. In Stephen Ellams’ “K in the Azaleas”:

    1. Is the “kiss” of a red azalea pleasant or deadly?
    2. What do Elizabeth Siddal, Sylvia Plath and Virginia Woolf have in common?
    3. Whom is the narrator addressing?
    4. Is the poem an esoteric Valentine’s Day card or the ultimate in “Dear Jane” letters?
  6. In Gary Clifton’s “Savage Sands”:

    1. About how long would you surmise that Karima has had the pet snake?
    2. How big is a king cobra?
    3. What is the shape of a cobra? Is it flat or round?
    4. Would a cobra be quiescent in the dark? Might it object to being jounced around?
    5. How does Karima avoid being bitten?

  7. Responses welcome!


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