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Challenge 662

Here’s Waiting at You

  1. In Gary Clifton’s In the Absence of Caution,” what constitutes the comedy? In what way is McTavish the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time, doing the wrong thing?

  2. In Richard Ong’s “The Eye of the Dragon,” what is your interpretation of the symbolism?

  3. In Denny Marshall’s “Waiting Behind the Wall,” what are the round beings waiting for?

  4. In Boris Kokotov’s “Hooks and Loops,” what is Jane doing with Stanly? Do you think she will show up at his apartment for dinner?

  5. In Harry Lang’s “Mr. Hedayat’s Friend”:

    1. Why might the story be considered ekphrastic, i.e. an allegorical fantasy about a real author?
    2. Readers may be familiar with the Rubaiyat. What do they need to know about Moderan in order to understand Gaspar Hedayat?
    3. What might the story imply about the worldview of certain potentates?

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