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by Ken W. Simpson

Unexpectedly one day
broke free
from the curse of reality.

Jungle animals
escaped from a zoo
cantered crazily
through city avenues.

Mary Crumpet
and Chocolate Candy
grew wings
and learned to fly.

They floated
through the window
over the garden
into the world outside.

Wild tigers
reassuringly purred
while pouring tea
on a balcony.

They all enjoyed
apple pie and cream
on a lawn
of fairy floss.

Children looked
inside their minds
and traveled to
to exotic lands.

Just by thinking
they flew
through the air
or relaxed on a cloud.

They swam
with whales
and dived
from mountain tops.

Gliding down
from a precipitous drop
they awakened
to a gentle full stop.

Copyright © 2015 by Ken W. Simpson

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