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Floozman’s Seven

with Gary Inbinder and Bertrand Cayzac

What Is the ‘Seventh’ Ennead?” appears in issue 640.

Hi, Bertrand,

I’m far from expert on the fine distinctions between Neo-Platonism and Gnosticism. As for “spaghetti-throwing,” I should add you’ve prepared the very finest spaghetti, comparable to Jame’s Joyce’s elegant literary pasta. ;-)

I’ll leave the esoteric significance of the number seven to the numerologists.

I’m enjoying “Floozman in Space,” as I have all the other “Floozmans” and look forward to more chapters.

Best regards,


Hi, Gary,

I’m short of time and breath to tell you how glad and honored I am to discover your review. I’m feeling warm fuzzies and all that.

Let me say first of all that I fully endorse the spaghetti-throwing approach. May I one day pitch a ditch into a base beyond the wall of literature in the same manner as Nicholas of Cusa trespassed the wall of Paradise. I indulge in thinking that the increasing contradiction density of my work is a good indicator that I’m close. I’m prepared to hear the BANG any time now.

Your commentary is highly informative and teaches me a lot on Gnosticism in spite of the time I spent inebriating myself with apocryphal gospels and of course, the Enneads chapter “Against the Gnostics.” Anyway, at the end of the day and for a number of reasons, the whole story proves far more Gnostic than Plotinus would have admitted.

So, while I have been aware of the high potential of the number seven since my first encounter with Snow White, this occurrence stems from a far less learned ground and serves a fuzzier purpose. Indeed, it’s basically a joke intended at mimicking some Indiana Jones title.

Kind regards — Amitiés


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