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My Faith and Wisdom Hat

by Stephen Ellams

Locked into your mien
Beyond the cause and the effect
In the equanimous now
Breathing your perfume in
As Autumn takes a bow

Let us sweep away the leaves
From our complicated past
Secret murmurous memories
O lend me thine aid
Wrap love’s corona around me

For still life is a butterfly
Breaking silently upon your wheel
A mimicry with Christlike wings
My allegorical triptych
Of seduction, sex and suffering

Inamorata, hear my solemn prayer
Sense the sharding of my soul
Proclivity for death or bliss
Come, warm the spectral heart of me
With a redemptive earthly kiss

Put on your stockings and a dress
I’ll don my faith and wisdom hat
A humble pilgrim’s offering
Upon the relics of the past
I have placed an old engagement ring

How I long to bind your towhead hair
Walk you down this altered aisle
Of midlife mystical love match
Entertain the conversation
We swore that we would never have

Comfort me like Alanis
Beatific scholar and princess
Assuasive voice grant unto me
A day of edifying romance
Over Cattern cakes and Darjeeling

* *

[Author’s note] ‘O lend me thine aid’ is taken from
a traditional Catholic prayer to St. Catherine of Alexandria.

Copyright © 2015 by Stephen Ellams

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