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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 621

Exit Stage Fast

  1. In Steve Davis’ “Risks of Being Human”:

    1. What risks would the Onn take in eating all the humans at once?
    2. What risk and advantage would the Onn have in eating none of the humans?
    3. What advantage would the Onn have in eating only one human at a time, as needed?
  2. In Robert O’Connor’s “The Snow Leopard”:

    1. What is the story? What is the narrator supposed to accomplish?
    2. What does the snow leopard symbolize?
    3. The narrator often refers to “God.” Does he do so out of piety or mere habit?
  3. In Charles C. Cole’s “Until Next Time”:

    1. Are the characters Gregor and Janessa appealing, unappealing or mixed? In any case, in what ways?
    2. To what extent do they really need to discuss their respective motivations?
    3. In what condition does Janessa exit the scene?
  4. in Andrey Kuzmichev’s “Duty Free”:

    1. What does the title have to do with the story other than refer to an airport shop?
    2. What does the medieval legend of Eupraxia mean to Amurov?
    3. Is the girl whom Amurov encounters on the plane really a terrorist as well as a kind of anti-muse?
    4. Why might one doubt Coleridge’s claim that he remembered all of his poem Kubla Khan from a dream but was caused to forget it by the “person from Porlock”?

Responses welcome!

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