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The Chronicle of Belthaeous

by John W. Steele

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Chapter 23: Lord Empress Raom

“We are Raom, Lord Empress of the Fifth Density negative. We greet you in the bondage and darkness of Mammon, the god of slavery and dominance. We will hear you now.”

The voice contained multiple harmonics that varied in tonal character. I attributed this phenomenon to the different members of the Council. Yet it was clear that the voice was being transmitted from the mind of the central figure.

The voice had a feminine nature, soothing, if not sensuous. I thought it interesting she spoke with a British accent. Raom appeared more animated than the others. The crystal at her chest shone with a deeper luster.

Baron Xenotula was the first to speak. The fat, bald thing stood up, his robe hanging just above his knees. Beads of purple sweat dotted his forehead, and he dabbed at them with what appeared to be some kind of wooly animal hide.

He made the sign of the fist and then bowed in a grand gesture. “Greetings and salutations, Lord Empress Raom, exalted shadow of Mammon, the god of gods, and lord of lords. We return your recognition in adoration and awe of the true Elysian Archon of the Fifth Density that has showered us with the wonder of her presence. It behooves me on this momentous occasion to sing a song of praise proclaiming the glory and the power everlasting of our Lord Mammon. Allow me this opportunity to...”

A restive reflection appeared in Raom’s eyes, an expression that could be felt, rather than seen.

The Baron raised his hand to his throat and gagged. His eyes bulged from their sockets and a drool of green fluid dripped from his mouth.

Raom channeled, “If you have something to say, out with it, Baron Xenotula. We have eternity, but we don’t have all day. State your mind.”

The Baron fell to his knees. He clasped his hands together before him in an act of supplication and coughed, “Yes, of course my Queen, please forgive my impudence.” He raised his arms in a gesture of penitence. “Sanctify me in thy grace.”

“Rise and speak your mind, Xenotula,” Roam channeled.

Like some kind of bipedal maggot, the baron rose to his feet. The hem of his robe fell just below his genitals, and he tugged the fabric down over the swells of his pendulous abdomen. He wiped his forehead with the fleece and then turned and faced me.

His face contorted in an expression of condemnation and his mouth curled to a snarl. The Baron raised a finely scaled hand and pointed in my direction. “There are vibratory flaws in the entity called Neumann,” he cried. “He is not one of us. Nor has he pledged his heart to Mammon.”

“We are aware of this,” Raom transmitted. “Your point is well taken. We direct your observation to the entity called Nacroanus.”

Xenotula shot me a filthy glance and returned to his chair. His chest heaved, and his flabby man tits pressed like rotted mangoes against the fabric of his kimono.

Adrian took a deep breath. He rose from his chair and bowed his head. He made the sign of the fist, and cleared his throat. “Empress Raom, exalted members of the council, elite chosen of Mammon, I thank you for this opportunity to speak. It is true that my colleague Dr. Neumann remains confused. We’ve worked together for several decades now. The focus of our endeavors has been to advance the will of Darkness within the matrix.

“Please consider this. Those who created the atomic bomb were of a positive polarity, believing their genius would be used to protect the innocent. So it is not unreasonable to state that great evil can be found in endeavors masked by a fraudulent positive premise.

“As you are aware, our previous attempts to revive the life force in human entities were futile. The formula the Vulpeculan scientists provided to me proved to be generic at best. Its distorted atomic structure did not assimilate to the carbon-based genetic blueprint. Fourth-Density bipeds rejected the original plasma, and our experiments required many human lives to perfect.

“Without Dr. Neumann’s mathematical revelations, I don’t believe this project can be successful. Though his intentions are positive, he unwittingly contributed a great deal to the cause. I ask that you overlook this flaw in his character. I need more time to work with him. A mind like his cannot be cloned. It would be a shame to waste his potential.

“I believe one day he will become a shining star in the order. I need him to complete our design. Therefore, I ask that you pardon him for now. I assure you: once the Avatar is awakened and assumes his station as the living son of Mammon, I will expedite Dr. Neumann’s reformation myself. Until that time, I accept full responsibility for his actions.”

A long silence ensued. The council remained aloof. In time Raom transmitted the determination: “Your efforts are well appreciated, Dr. Nacroanus. And your reward will be substantial. We will withhold judgment on the entity Neumann at this time. We have more pressing business to complete.”

Baron Xenotula slammed his fist on the desk. He shot up from the chair, droplets of green spittle sprayed in the wake of his words. “This is entirely unsatisfactory, Empress Raom. Colonel Falkenhorst and I have discussed the disastrous consequences that may occur if the infidel is not exterminated. We demand that this pagan Being of Light be executed so that his power can be confined on the Astral.”

Falkenhorst stood up. He made the sign of the fist, but remained silent.

The Baron continued his rant. “May I remind the Council of the wisdom, written by the Avatar in the The Chronicle of Belthaeous, third tractate, verse twenty and seven?

And any mortal who conceals the Light from the will of the council, it would be better that he be shackled and cast into the sea. For to rebuke the glory of—”

The Baron shrieked and doubled over. He clenched his arms around his belly, a wretched dribble of slime dripped from his nose.

“Silence, Baron Xenotula!” Raom cried. “If the Council requires your opinion, the Council will provide it for you. Perhaps we should have made you an evangelist!”

Xenotula fell to the ground, whimpering like a whipped dog. His body curled in the fetal position and his mouth hung agape, its serpent tongue flicking from the foul-smelling cavity.

Raom’s eyes fell on the colonel, and he sank back into his chair.

Her gaze returned to Xenotula. “May I remind the Baron that the full responsibility for the success of this mission lies squarely in his domain? Should this endeavor fail for any reason, he is well acquainted with the consequences.

“The Council will manifest his ravenous life energy deep inside inanimate matter on the First Dimension of mineral consciousness. There he will remain as a boulder, until the ocean of time reduces him to atomic dust. We will not tolerate another thought from the mind of this stunted and myopic cretin.”

A cool silence filled the chamber.

“The Council asks that the entity Nacroanus ignore the ramblings of this abomination. At what level of awakening is the Avatar Belthaeous?”

Adrian remained unflappable. Though I hated him for what he did on the mountain, he held qualities I could not help admiring. I wondered why someone with such potential chose to serve the dark side.

“Yes, Empress Raom, thank you for your understanding. I have been at the Angel’s side for the last twenty-four hours. His release from the state of obtunded awareness is progressing precisely within the mathematical pattern established by my colleague, Dr. Neumann.

“Of course, you are aware that we are proceeding within narrow and clearly defined parameters. But all is well as I speak.

“Through my design of reverse electromagnetic osmosis, the plasma Eternulum has begun to assimilate into the cells of the entity Belthaeous. We’ve established the etheric body, and it is clearly visible on an Xenoscope. Orange-ray consciousness is beginning to quicken and will soon display its energy as conscious awareness.

“We have blunted the other energy chakras of the infinite intelligence. I will allow five hundred and seventy-three nanometers of green ultraviolet to penetrate the field, enough to awaken the fundamental personality. Soon the Avatar will thrive as a living zombie, a bio-synthesized deity alive and under our command.”

“And what effect will the green ray have on the entity Belthaeous?” Raom asked.

“Enough to awaken the primal energies and allow basic biophysical functions,” Adrian replied.

The Empress gazed at Nacroanus, and they shared a long, sustained look. I sensed a private transmission taking place. “Yes, my Queen. It shall be done,” Adrian said.

“You are free to proceed according to plan, Dr. Nacroanus. Please be seated.”

The Council remained motionless, their hands hidden beneath the bloated sleeves of their robes. The air in the room grew crisp with an icy chill. We sat in silence for a long time. No one dared speak or move a muscle. I sensed the Council was communicating or receiving a transmission from somewhere... Mammon.

When Raom returned from the trance, her voice sounded more authoritative and rumbled like thunder in my head. Her eyes beamed with a cold luminescence, and the Council seemed more formidable and energized. “The Council wishes to query the entity Falkenhorst.”

The Colonel brushed the epaulettes of his uniform and straightened his navy-blue tie.

The first time I met him, I was suffering from of state of total exhaustion. Only now did I have the opportunity to study his features.

He was a monstrous man, his upper body robust and powerful. A wavy salt-and-pepper mane clung tightly to his skull, and his skin was rough and gritty-looking. His features were blunted and swollen, like the face of a retired prizefighter.

Hypertrophied forearms bulged from the short sleeves of his Vulpeculan military jacket, and tufts of curly black hair coiled like wool from his wrist to the elbow. His hands were thick and brawny, their knuckles large and knotted.

One long, heavy eyebrow with no separation ran the breadth of his Neanderthal forehead. The coarse crop of bristles sat over his eyes like a displaced moustache.

Unlike Xenotula, who used the heritage of his bloodline to intimidate, Falkenhorst projected an aura of pure brutality. His iron presence held not a hint of humanity, and his mind revealed not a trace of reason outside of the doctrine of the order.

The man frightened me on a visceral level, and his awesome power could not be ignored. Even the Enukai looked up to the colonel as the fascist stormtrooper ideal. The younger ones mimicked his movements and style and held him in great veneration.

Raom channeled: “The instrument Falkenhorst is the Minister of Public Enlightenment. Triumph of the will extends from the power of his domain. At this time, the Council demands an accounting of what our Colonel has accomplished.”

Falkenhorst stood up and bowed. The blue-gray tone of his face now mottled with red and ivory patches. He made the sign of the fist, and lowered his head. “Thank you for allowing me to speak, my queen. The highest privilege is to serve in honor of our Lord Mammon. It is with great reverence I address the Council.”

Raom tilted her torso forward ever so slightly. “The Council admires your work, Colonel Falkenhorst. You are not a hypocrite, and you are negative to your marrow. Purity is the highest goal of our order.”

With great allegiance, Falkenhorst made the sign of the fist again, pounding his clenched knuckles over his heart. He clicked his heels and cried, “Hail Mammon.”

“Hail Mammon,” the assembly echoed. A static force permeated the air. The Colonel dropped his arm, and began his oration.

To be continued...

Copyright © 2014 by John W. Steele

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