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Challenge 609

Hold His Horses

  1. In Ann Keith’s “With Rite and Rune,” to what kind of anthology might this poem serve as an epigraph?

  2. In Mike Acker’s “At Sunset”:

    1. What details might indicate that the setting and person are real? What elements are figurative? Why does the man dig?
    2. Do blue, yellow and black seem to have symbolic value? If so, what might it be?
    3. The red poppy becomes the Canadian national flower in the first eleven days of November. Why?
  3. In Don Webb’s “The Absurd of the Theatre,” a knowledge of Samuel Beckett’s play En attendant Godot would obviously help, but is it really indispensable?

  4. In Marie Chapman’s “The Horses of Marly”:

    1. The horse statues change repeatedly. What do they come to symbolize for the narrator?
    2. What indicates that the narrator does not actually see what he says he sees?
    3. Is the narrator actually where he says or thinks he is? What might indicate that he is in a jail cell rather than a hotel room or embassy office?
    4. The narrator says the police have charged him with murder. Whose murder?

    Responses welcome!

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