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Bewildering Stories

Florida on the Moon

by Richard Ong

This photo of the lunar surface is one of the top four out of hundreds taken between the Summer and Fall of 2014. Taking close-up photos of the surface of the Moon is tricky, given the often cloudy conditions in Toronto.

In addition to waiting patiently for a clear night, I also took my shots only of the gibbous moon, for maximum exposure of the surface area in shadows, which accentuate the distinct outlines of the lunar craters and often result in a more dramatic photo than can be had at other phases.

I used a Kodak Easyshare DX3900 3MP mounted on an 8-inch Newstar Dobsonian telescope with a 25-mm eyepiece and a 2x Barlow lens enhancer. Light sensitivity is reduced up to a −2.0 setting on the camera to compensate for the glare of the sunlight reflected off the lunar surface. The digital camera magnification was set between 2.5 and 3.0.

Copyright © 2014 by Richard Ong

Interpretations and stories based on this art work are welcome.

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