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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 590

Invasion From Earth

  1. In Sarah Ann Watts’ Winter Ship, “Fire Can Burn”:

    1. Does Kyran really know what happened to the two princes?
    2. Is Kyran’s self-reproach justified or is he wallowing in unearned guilt?
    3. Why does Kyran distrust Karishma?
    4. Why does Kyran launch a futile resistance after he is captured by the stone-age people?
  2. In Charles C. Cole’s “Mars Minus Two,” how might the story ironically confirm the skeptical view of space habitats and colonies on Mars or the Moon in “Space Colonies: the Dark Side”?

  3. In Bruce Hesselbach’s “The Great Carb Uncle,” does the story reach a conclusion? Might it be the first chapter in a larger story?

  4. In Ron Van Sweringen’s “The Enchanted Cottage”:

    1. How does the title relate to the story?

    2. Why does Mary give the stray dog the name “Lord Winslow”? Does the dog’s learning complicated tricks have a function in the story?

    3. Mary works long hours at restoring the rental property, with a big investment of time, effort and, presumably, money. Does her landlord provide any compensation?

    4. Is there any thematic connection between Mary’s house and pets and her baking cupcakes to send to soldiers overseas?

  5. In Bertil Falk’s “A Lecture to Remember”:

    1. Does Karl Indranil Reilly’s multi-ethnic name have a function in the story or is it gratuitous?
    2. What might explain Reilly’s also being an ancient Egyptian mummy?
    3. What is the humor in a cash bar where only coffee and tea are available?
    4. Reilly admits to the sole objector in the audience, Ronald Mason, that it is impossible to “bilocate” into an unreality, namely fiction. And then he says that Billie Occasion did so. Does Reilly ever resolve the contradiction other than by fiat, i.e. ’cuz I say so?
    5. Does Reilly really explain “bilocation”? Does the story reach a conclusion or does it appear to lead or refer to to another story?

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