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A Song of Hope

by Jason C. Ford

Although the words you wrote cannot be seen
Among a multitude of pastures green,
The words within the song remain inside my head.

A set of notes concerning what is true
Retain a sense of meaning that is passing through
Emotions deep as forms of hope are ones which spread.

I gaze into the pastures wide and try to find
Another song which heals the senses and the mind
Until I realise the way this song remains unique.

Each note reveals the depths of guiding care
Within a noble heart desiring to repair
The damage done to sentiments which leak.

My mind expands into a healthy attitude
Of opening eyes of mine with sense of gratitude
For fertile land you bought to cultivate grains.

As I am walking through an open field
With crops expected to make a healthy yield
Of grain, the song is pulsating in my veins.

Copyright © 2014 by Jason C. Ford

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