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An Inner Strength

by Jason C. Ford

The state of being one consigned to slowly breathing in
Each gulp, which constitutes the emptiness of night,
Is like the memory of how you left with callous grin
Expanded wide with gaze consumed with endless smite.

As I am standing still upon a brittle balcony,
I see your multitude of lies become a symphony
Of falsehood’s features slowly breaking through each wing
Of truth until the heart is wounded with recurring sting.

The instruments of sound which constitute the lies
You sing along deceptive trail renowned for empty tales
Are tools deprived of any values that comprise
An inner strength which rises past the earthly scales.

A form of strength within my heart cannot succumb
To the lies you spread concerning me as being numb.
Although I stand as left with bitterness profound,
Consolation stays as hope is resting firmly on the ground.

Copyright © 2014 by Jason C. Ford

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