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Test Tube Babies

by John Grey

Years later, test tube babies
meet in a coffee shop

They sip coffee,
nibble on pastries.

It’s years since the laboratory.
And there’s so many of their kind,
the goldfish bowl they once inhabited
is swarming with goldfish once again,
the limelight has been spread so thin,
it’s barely a burning match.

They’ve moved out into the world,
non-designer people, the ones
they call “fallopian follies,”
had sex (the first in their line
to do so), even married, bought
houses in the suburbs, had kids
the old-fashioned way, divorced,
a couple even died, “From Brave
New World To Grave” the headlines rang.

Despite the rigor of the formula,
a muffin for one,
Danish for the other,
they get something of their own back.

Copyright © 2014 by John Grey

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