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The Necromancer’s Guest

by Visalakshi Viswanathan

They waltz into the moonless night
Around grey tombs of hope,
To arias of pure delight
Of lovers who elope.
Entranced she swoons, he holds her tight.
Smoke and smog envelope
Two soul mates as they reunite
On dusky grounds of taupe.

To sounds of darkness and hell’s bells
They twist and turn with zest,
They reel and jive, their rhythm swells
Into a silent crest.
Her thirst for life’s last jaunt she quells
Each drop she yearns to wrest,
Crowds cheer, bewitched and bound in spells,
The necromancer’s guest.

From bone and reed she conjures him
His perished soul to rouse.
With cadence of her haunting hymn
Her frenzied fans she wows.
Mage and ghoul, they shake a limb
Until their final bows.
As curtains fall, ovations dim.
The two renew their vows.

Copyright © 2013 by Visalakshi Viswanathan

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