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Ross Smeltzer

Ross is a native of the Berkshires region of eastern New York state. He has since moved to Dallas, Texas, where he works as a web content writer. His early literary influences were Hawthorne, Wells, Lovecraft, Blackwood “and other purveyors of strangeness.”

The Landscape” is a strangely intriguing story of two artists who talk of capturing the essence of Nature in their paintings. Readers’ viewpoints may differ. Some may take the artists very seriously. Others may see an undercurrent of sardonic humor, where the two artists try to one-up each other as to who has the finer feeling and sensitivity. Whichever viewpoint you take, the story’s sustained style will convince you you’re right!

Ross Smeltzer’s bio sketch can be found here.

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Ross. You have other stories on the official schedule, and we’re very much looking forward to them!

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