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Bewildering Stories

To Jerry

with Bertil Falk and Harry Lang

Bertil Falk: The sad news was expected. But Jerry and Don made history in the annals of media with the most fantastic, not to say bewildering, on line magazine. In that way Jerry has put his mark.

Harry Lang: So sorry to hear about Jerry. All you have to do is look at the list of Bewildering authors to begin to see the effect and reach of his vision. How many great stories and poems would languish in attics and trunks if not for BwS? How many writers would just not bother without someplace like Bewildering to stretch and find their voice?

Bertil is right about media history. I’m sure conventional wisdom would never predict success for a venture like BwS. That’s why most of us here pay more attention to visionaries like Jerry and Don than tired old convention.

Thank you, Bertil and Harry. And my thanks on behalf of Bewildering Stories to all others who’ve sent expressions of sympathy.

Don Webb
Managing Editor
Bewildering Stories

Copyright © 2013 by Bertil Falk and Harry Lang

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