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Timewave Zero

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Perfect Crimes

by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

There was a letter in the pocket of a raincoat
A drunk, apocalyptic version of me wrote.
I burglarized your lighthouse to remove it.
It would be sad and difficult to prove it.

I killed your pink seahorses with a truffle spoon
And mated your shrill, foul-mouthed parrot with a loon.
I have seven alibis for that alleged night
And calm, time-bent selves immune to irises so bright.

I am going to return to steal more things.
Laughter, Europa, Io, Jupiter’s rings.
Do you feel dizzy? Need a pill?
I’m taking gravity. Hold still.

Ghost of the Violet Room
Ghost of the Violet Room
by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

Copyright © 2013 by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

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