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On the Avenue Elan

by Eric Caulfield

The high-pitched perfume
runs streaks of grey and white
Timid exactness of business-suited ties
Peaking blonds spangle their helium cortex
Facial execution for the timid believers

Hapless and portioned
to steel mortar judges
who forged our final days

Jagged red neon stars plead
And tint tender peach flesh of fallen angels
Alien rhythms across the multi-blink avenue
Human excursion vibrancy seeking tongues
Intrepid queens wear fumigated blush
and drum heels to their private monarchy

Wondered are the market keepsakes
Envy ties to the spoilage of shared laughter
and pity when we split our smiles
for those picking out broken parts
Revel was it the giving away
our hates to the sky gods
Consumption came over us
rainbows’ revelry tickled us

Late lanterns remember crowds
their quenched humbling before new encounters
and glimmering grins to the jewel-hatted pilgrim
Seers surrender before the hour cries their name

Exposition to hidden places
Chase us out into glowing streets
Strands of reality pull to vision
Bleeding blue were rising heads

Teaching love before else and truth above all
Wetted were the vanes of gusted feathers
Ply the wheels to the ageless soul and tract virtue
Sweet living inhaled and ahead
Here we fly

Copyright © 2013 by Eric Caulfield

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