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Season Changes

by Hongping Liu


I am an icy hill,
and you are the sunshine blazing.
In the hot summer,
ice is thawing and bending.

I am the sullen and dismal valley,
and you are the radiant summer.
Among strangled miasma,
I want light in summer.

The strong winds you bring
sweep away my piled snow.
The steaming rains you bring
wash away my crusted ice.

Your smiles
are seeds in my frozen earth,
bursting out in young buds,
and then fluttering verdant.

The sky is clear and blue
with trees as green as emerald.
My world has turned splendid
thanks to your sunlight

Autumn Colours

If I couldn't escape the time
we'd leave each other,
could I face the wandering autumn
to say goodbye to you?
If I could really clear up the past,
could I begin in a new way soon?

The autumn wind is blowing.
It can dry my tears out,
but it can't blow out my heartache.
The autumn wind is swirling,
until seas change into mulberry fields.
My love for you is forever.

If I have to separate from you,
could I face it without fears?
The autumn wind is whistling
with leaves drifting down and seasons changing,
but I could never forget the dream
we once designed together.

Copyright © 2012 by Hongping Liu
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