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Nervous Wanderings


by Alessandro Cusimano

no woman knows
for sure
if her lover is me
or not

demon nightmare
angel fallen from grace

the most malicious
insatiable lust

lover demon

bearing down
my vulnerable women
pursuing the longing

human flesh
with artificial life

in her sleep

I am the husband
lying beside her
I am the next-door

I am the young
and attractive
stable boy

and the nun claiming
to be assaulted by
the prelate

the unholy offspring
takes the image

of suspect twins
of evil-looking daughters
of Merlin the Wizard

my virtuous matron

I will pick up
hundreds of stones
and build a wall
around you

so high

you will no longer
be able to leave
your bed

unless you use
a ladder

Copyright © 2012 by Alessandro Cusimano

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