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by James Bambury

After failing to find moksha beyond the Calabi-Yau manifold, I went the other way. I dodged tesseracts going left and right, ana and kata on my way to Spaceland.

I scoured the city for the portal. Had the traveller lied to me? I crossed the seventh bridge over the canals and rivers and folded into the four-colour map on the floor of the Königsberg Stock Exchange.

I glided through the gate once more into Flatland and danced around lines and angles. I saw the multifoliate points of the mystic rose that beckoned the way to Lineland.

I twisted myself into the torus and made my way through the either/or space. I charged through terrorized line-segments, who screamed at my intrusion.

I don't remember how long I went forward but there was no sign of the point, the singularity. I tried the other direction with identical results.

I wander Lineland now, more eager than ever for release from this samsara. Perhaps I may yet find Pointland and truly experience the infinite and the transcendent.

Do I travel in a circle, or a line?

Copyright © 2012 by James Bambury

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