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Challenge 457

Loaded Question

  1. In Margaret Karmazin’s “Giving the Hook,” is Eric justified in murdering Mr. Barlow? What other action might he have taken?

  2. In Tim Simmons’ “Bound for New Orleans”:

    1. Is “Prophet” the truck driver’s real name?
    2. How would you answer Prophet’s question?
    3. Who is “Big Daddy”? Be very careful how you answer.
  3. In Richard M. Smith’s “A Bridge to Earth”:

    1. Does Fred ever activate the Martians’ transporter?
    2. At the end, Fred and Margie find two souvenirs left for them. What is the significance of the two vials and their contents?
  4. In Bill McCormick’s “If Thou Art God”:

    1. What are the objects of satire?
    2. Is a knowledge of Robert A. Heinlein’s stories necessary to understand this one?
  5. In Julie Wornan’s “Bugsy”:

    1. Why is it very unlikely that anyone would contract the word “radio” to “’dio”? What other contraction is more probable?
    2. Does Mariella’s “’dio” resemble a radio or a television set?
    3. Does it seem likely that Mariella would have precognition of events as far away as “West Waziristan”? What kinds of events would one expect a child of her age to foresee?
    4. Mariella was afraid it might go away altogether by the time she learned to speak like Mommy and Daddy so that they would understand her. A pity. Why did grownups have to be so thick?
      How might the story end or continue without shifting so drastically from Mariella’s point of view to that of the author?

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