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Terry Groves

Terry lives in Duncan, British Columbia, where he works for the provincial government after retiring from a career in the armed forces and earning a certificate as a software technician. He’s been writing short stories, poetry and film reviews for a long while, with much success.

Body Work” takes us on a wild ride in a haunted automobile. The story is a model of fast-paced action writing. Readers will surely think, “With a story like this, who needs the special effects of film or television? This is like the best from the golden age of radio drama!”

But “Body Work” is more than thrills and chills. We can see an allegory and a cautionary tale at work. Take care of your car, and it will take care of you. But be sure to take care of yourself, first, eh?

Terry Groves’ bio sketch can be found here.

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Terry. We hope to hear from you again soon and often!

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