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The Message

by Monica Valentinelli

Record Number: 173,262 out of 250,000
Occupation: Technician
Division: Artificial Intelligence
Rank: Specialist

Congratulations! You have successfully translated record number 173,262. We have every confidence that your society will benefit from the data stored in these crystals. That is why we encourage you to immediately share the knowledge from these messages with your local government if you have not already done so.

.Begin Message.

I am (or was) a technician that worked on artificial intelligent anthropomorphic entities or what we called “arties.” Do you know what those terms mean? Of course you don’t. Imagine creating a man that can think and talk; a human machine that doesn’t require food, drink or sleep. Depending upon how much your society has evolved, you may believe that there is something morally wrong with what we’ve done. If you are superstitious, please listen to what I have to say. The artificial intelligence we’ve created is not evil; our society benefited greatly from the arties; their abilities to gather resources and fight our battles were necessary to our survival and the future of the human race. Unfortunately, they could not solve all of our problems. That is the reason we created this data repository: to ensure that the arties’ message of peace could be spread across the galaxy if our planet did not survive the war.

My role was to train and repair the arties for military purposes. They surpassed their basic programming - they even developed their own battle plans. To what end, I’m not sure. That wasn’t my department. What I did know, was that we no longer needed to control them because the arties exceeded our expectations. At least, that’s what our government had told me. I am inclined to agree.

While the entities do have their limitations, like their inability to withstand extreme cold, artificial intelligence will help you forge a better future. I trust you will regard my data with a rational mind and put your fears to rest. You are not doomed or threatened by this information. I hope our data will be beneficial to your society. Don’t delay! Find out how artificial intelligence can help you. Use the plans attached to these documents and build your future today.

.End Message.

Copyright © 2011 by Monica Valentinelli

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