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The Bitter Truth About Flying Saucers

by Catfish Russ

part 1 of 2

GENERAL CLARK: My name is General Frederick Clark. I am a retired Major General — that means I have two stars — in the United States Air Force. I am 63 years old. I am the world’s only peacetime ace. That is to say, I have shot down five hostile aircraft during U.S. combat operations under a police action or multinational force although war had not been declared.

I spent seven years as Deputy Commander at Air Combat Command at Langley Air Force Base in D.C. and then four years as assistant and advisor to the Undersecretary of the Air Force in the Pentagon. I could give you my entire curriculum vitae and TDY record if you wish, but it’s all there in the summary brief.

By the way, I am the only person to shoot down an F-22, and I shot his sorry ass down from an Albatross.

The truth about flying saucers. Well where do I begin?

INTERVIEWER (voice filtered): Wherever you think you should begin, General.

GENERAL CLARK: I guess I could say I began not in the Air Force but as an 8-year old in Lawrence, Kansas, the son of a fairly successful furniture maker. I say successful because he had two stores, and for a while he had three stores. He drove a big fancy car, and Mom dressed up a lot in pretty dresses and always had jewelry on, and they were flamboyant.

They weren’t the richest members of the community but, if you belonged to the Country Club and didn’t know better, you’d have thought so. A Wal-Mart Super center or two put an end to that flamboyance, and his career ended with a bullet to the brain after a half bottle of Jameson’s at the end of an Everything-Has-To-Go sale.

When I was eight, a light shone into my room one night and little men took me through the air, through the window into their ship and did some things to me. They seemed to be interested in my weewee at first and had me look at pictures of things I have never seen. Nor did looking at them ever really clear up what I was looking at or why they made me look at them.

INTERVIEWER: Describe what they showed you.

GENERAL CLARK: It was like animals that don’t exist. I mean, I had never seen them. Or symbols... or landscapes from places I couldn’t place. Things floating in the air, stuff that that. Math. Lots of math.

INTERVIEWER: Have you ever recreated these images, General?

GENERAL CLARK: I am not much of a drawer. A few things I’ve already dictated to a graphic artist. They’re on file.

INTERVIEWER: Go on, sir.

GENERAL CLARK: They took me every three months plus or minus four days. There was nothing I could do to stop them, and this went on for over 25 years. I moved away from Atlanta to Las Vegas and they got me. I joined the Air Force and got deployed and they got me. I was a graduate student at the Air Force Academy, and they got me even the night before my graduation.

Once they took me from a T-38 trainer and I awoke in my barracks and I couldn’t find even a record of my take-off. I was recorded as on leave. I tried to convince the ward officer that I had taken a T-38 up and he threatened to call the MP’s if I didn’t call it off.

Listen to this one. I was in Aviano in Italy driving F-15’s over Bosnia in Operation Southern Watch, and I had a weekend leave. I was seeing this girl who lived up in Liechtenstein, and I was driving a little Lada, which is the Russian rebuild of a Fiat 125 except that it works.

Anyway, I started to get a feeling that tells me when they’re coming. It’s sort of like pins and needles, and sometimes I get a sick stomach and it’s a certain kind of sick, and I just know they’re around. Anyway, I was getting that feeling and I knew they were going to come and get me.

I decided to get away from the Air Base and see Sonya. So I was driving up into these labyrinthine hills to find this girl and I got pulled over, and I thought, Oh God, two little tiny Italian cops on two Bugatis and their shiny black helmets and their P90s... oooh, I am so impressed. And Bush is still the Pres and so I thought this was going to be not fun.

The next thing I know I am asleep in the back of the car parked at my girlfriend’s house.

I mean I thought I had them. They had planned to take me at the base and instead I bugged out on them a bit. Didn’t make a difference. Nothing you and I do will ever stop them. They are very clever.

Anyway, when I was 15 I tried to kill myself, and I found my father’s Colt Detective Special and that night I put it to my head and pulled the trigger. And I awoke the next day in my bed. I could not find the gun, and Dad couldn’t remember ever owning one. I mean when I said, ‘Dad, what happened to that gun you had?’ he said, ‘What gun’?

There are times when I have felt that they have God-like powers. The fact is they don’t. They have kept me from killing myself at least five times. For some reason, they have a stake in me staying alive. Sad thing is, to this day I still don’t know what is at stake.

Tell you what. I know I’m rambling, but before I give you all that — and all that might be moot — here is what I have learned that will shock you.

INTERVIEWER: General, did they ever talk to you about what other beings are out there?

GENERAL CLARK: There is a large community out there, and on the totem pole, we are way way down there. In fact, we are like the dirtiest dumbest filthiest household on the block, and our yard is overgrown and we are surrounded by rich sophisticated billionaires and don’t even know it.

On this totem pole, we are so low, we are a commodity. There are those who come here to study us the way we study tribes in New Guinea. There are those who come into our lives to harvest what they planted. There are those who take humans and disappear them from the Earth and no one knows and no one cares; and sometimes these people are experimented upon, sometimes they become members of scientific sample collections, and sometimes they become trophies. And I hate to say it, but there are bad people up there too. And sometimes human beings have bad things happen to them when they disappear.

There are those who insist that they own us. That we were an experiment and they come here to harvest genetic materials with which they can do almost anything. They use genetic codes from other life forms the way we harvest anti-cancer drugs from plants in the Amazon. They cure diseases, they create new species, and they create life forms for commerce.

Also they engineer genetics because they are scientists. If I tell you that I have cousins across the Universe, you’ll think I am crazy, but I have seen the results of taking my DNA and grafting it into something else.

INTERVIEWER: You are talking about the Greys specifically?

GENERAL CLARK: The Greys are in charge of us. And they are not exactly what you think. They are not from here, but they also do not fly through space over vast distances. They live here. Right here. You might think of it this way: it’s not that we are so much being studied, it’s that we are not the dominant life on this planet. So the Greys are not so much our owners, as our handlers.

This is a vulgar way of thinking about it and exactly why the Government would rather you don’t know this. It’s not that there would be mass hysteria if we all knew we weren’t alone; it’s where we are that’s scares them. We are basically contract work to the Greys. We are no more valuable to most of the visitors than chinchillas.

INTERVIEWER: Where do they live? Have they shown you their home?

GENERAL CLARK: Well, they have shown me where they are many times and I could no more explain it than a worm could explain the layout of your house. But one Grey showed me images, and the sentence that built in my head was, “There is a lot more space around you than you think.”

You make what you want of that but that means I guess they figure a way to go somewhere else in a small room and they can go there and be there and you’ll never see it or know exactly where they’re going. They can also go from any point to any other point without traversing what they called isotropic space. They create what they call nonisotropic space. It’s beyond me.

They actually taught me a symbolic language. I can’t tell you how, but I guess somehow making me stand there in front of a monitor and watch these images and symbols fly by, somehow that taught me. I can’t write it or reproduce it. But every once in a while they show up and flash these images and the next thing I know is something pretty clear has been told to me and I know the whole of it. That said, they tried to make me understand nonisotropic space but it just didn’t take.

Anyway, I know how crazy that sounds. But this is as real to me as your trip here in the car this morning.

INTERVIEWER: How long have they been conducting operations here?

GENERAL CLARK: Well, they have been here a long, long time and much of what happens here happens under their purview.

Let me tell you some other things that will shock the heck out of you. They do not create the technology they use; they buy it from other beings, and other races, I guess. There are lots of other races. Just like on Star Wars. But this is sort of their territory.

Know what else? They are not perfect and even though they can find you and millions of other people and abduct them and work on their genetics — and yes, that’s what they’re doing; they’re doing genetics — even though they have all this power, they are still vulnerable.

Roswell was an actual event. Actually there were two crash landings and Greys were extracted from the second crash site in Corona. So their machines malfunction just like our machines malfunction.

And they die just like we die. One lived for about seven years in a bunker at Wright Patterson airbase. He taught us a ton. That You Tube video is a fake, by the way.

Believe it or not, there are things that have happened that you would never imagine. We do have alien craft and once, in 1954, a colonel went into one and must have touched a control surface or something, but the ship jumped out into space. I mean, it was gone. And we never saw it or him again. Even the Greys couldn’t retrieve that idiot.

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