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Daniel “Catfish” Russ

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OK. I am Catfish Russ. Nicknamed when I was playing blues harmonica in Santa Monica when Chevy Chase came in and sat at the piano and played along. He started calling me Catfish, and now in the Blues harmonica world I am Catfish.

I am... well... I am about to celebrate the 18th anniversary of my 30th birthday.

Let’s see, I am an advertising executive and a political commentator. I am married with 3 pugs and no other children.

I had 25 fights, 14 pro fights.

I grew up an Orthodox Jew in Dekalb county, Florida. I studied to be a rabbi. It didn’t take.

Rednecks: “Our daddy said you killed our Lord.”

Me: “So, if God won’t stop me from killing, then what makes you think I am going to be stopped by two rednecks in a Camaro?”

I copiously read science fiction and history.

Copyright © 2005 by Daniel Russ

Bewildering Stories bibliography

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