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The Angel of Life

by Julie Wornan

Unfolds a paper. Holds it with trembling fingers. Reads:

The first cry.

The first word.

The first love.

Carefully, carefully, like holding a snowflake. The angel unfolds the paper and reads:

The striving. The bafflement. The breakthrough.

The victory.

The sickness.

The hard times. The despair.

The painful decision.

The fall. The shame.

The coming to terms. The self-acceptance. The calm.

The hope.

The angel smoothes the paper. Unfolds it further. Leans closer.
Breathes hotly. (Forgets that its breath is so hot.)

The paper catches fire and is consumed.

Again! The Angel sighs deeply. Deeply.
And reaches for another paper.

Copyright © 2009 by Julie Wornan

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